This carvesd piece is produced using Maple (Spaulding Maple). Signed and dated 2009.
maple wood is found in North America in the Rockies.
Maple is hard wood. Dense and the grain is straight to wavey.
The finish is Satin with a pleasing gloss.
Display away from heat or direct sun light
Dust with a cotton wash cloth sprayed with a furniture polish. One of a kind.
Price is $800 — 25% goes to Healing Odyssey

Original carved piece produced in the year 2000 in honor of my wife Diane El Khalili, who attended Healing Odyssey 13 in that year.

Interested in making a purchase? Reach out to Aladin Khalili at…

Phone Number: (321) 208-8064

Please mention that Healing Odyssey sent you! By doing this you will ensure that a minimum of 20% of your purchase will go to supporting women cancer survivors.

For any questions about the product, please contact the vendor.