Support Our Mission

Why Donate?

We charge a $250 registration fee per participant to attend the retreat. It costs us much more than that, however,  we do not turn anyone away that cannot afford the registration fee.  Your donation will help us continue to reach more women who are in need. We depend on the generous support of donors who are passionate about helping others. We are grateful to have a great group of donors and supporters who graciously help us continue our mission of empowering women cancer survivors to live their best life possible.  It is a tax deductible donation as well.

Ways you can provide support:

Each year too many people in our community hear the words “You have cancer.”  Healing Odyssey seeks to help by providing a diverse population of women cancer survivors and their support team with practical tools and support so they can live well and be productive members of their families, workplaces and communities. It is our commitment to provide quality programs at a very reasonable cost for all participants. Additionally we provide a financial program to cancer survivors in need.

Volunteer: Healing Odyssey has a wide range of volunteer leadership opportunities available, from serving on our board of directors to providing clerical assistance or by volunteering at program and fundraising events.

Donations:  A tax-deductible donation with cash, check or credit card is welcomed. We will mail you a receipt for your tax records along with a letter of our appreciation.

Corporate Sponsorships:  Connect your employees to our community and create corporate spirit. Be a sponsor and/or have your volunteer team wear your organization’s t-shirt at events. Sponsorship is an effective, inexpensive form of marketing and public relations that is a win-win for all.

In-Kind Donations:  Healing Odyssey’s goal is to underwrite our expenses through cash or in-kind contributions to maximize the revenues applied to programs for cancer survivors. Goods, services and supplies that support our programs and events are invaluable; our resources are precious.

Matching Gifts:  Double your impact! Many companies encourage charitable giving by matching the charitable contributions of their employees. Please check with your human resources department for guidelines.

Tributes and Memorials:  Make a gift that makes an impact and lasts. Contributions in honor of, in celebration of, or in memory of a loved one are special ways to express your respect and affection. Your recipient or their family will be notified of your generosity. Please call our Office at (949) 707-1710 or email us at for information.

Create a Benefit or Fundraising Event:  Make your personal or corporate event into a benefit for a charitable cause such as Healing Odyssey. Have your company picnic, corporate golf tournament or service club luncheon benefit cancer survivors. Celebrating a special birthday or anniversary, and have everything you need? Have your friends and family make a charitable donation to Healing Odyssey. You will be doing good and having fun at the same time!

Ralph's Community Contribution Program

Ralphs Grocery Stores have a community contribution program.  For every dollar a shopper spends a percentage is shared with designated charities. If you shop here, please consider selecting Healing Odyssey as your designated charity. The amount of passive fundraising these programs generate is quantifiable.  As more and more people assign Healing Odyssey as the designated charity, the funds continue to increase! Please feel free to share this information with your family and friends.

Healing Odyssey cancer support for women The next Healing Odyssey Retreat is HO 61 Sept. 6-8,2024. Click below to sign up now!