The Ropes Course

Facing life’s challenges:

The thread that weaves the weekend together is the Ropes Course, a powerful personal and teamwork experience that unforgettably simulates the challenges of a cancer diagnosis and treatment.  It is an event during the weekend retreat that teaches coping and survivor skills for women cancer survivors, and creates a powerful network of women.

Our Ropes course has been specifically designed for women cancer survivors, in most stages of health and recovery. The course is facilitated by a team of Ropes Course professionals who specialize in empowerment work.

The same muscle groups used for walking will get you through the activities of this course. However, if you are in active cancer treatment for cancer or any other medical condition, you will need your doctor’s permission/release to participate.

The ropes course events are not physically challenging, but they provide emotional, psychological, and even spiritual challenges and awakenings.

You can choose to participate actively or simply join in by providing support to others. Whatever your choice, the events will assist you in examining your personal cancer recovery or prognosis, provide powerful insights into your ability to choose the quality of your survivorship, and empower you to reclaim your strengths and abilities

“The Ropes Course brought my fears to the surface. I had no idea that since cancer I had retreated into a very small, safe box of limitations and fear. I had forgotten what it was like to live through my fear-to use its momentum to experience life fully.”

Stephanie R.