In The Words Of Others

In the words of cancer survivors: A life-altering illness that has changed one’s body can also change relationships, careers, finances and one’s sense of self.

Often, we don’t fully understand the thoughts and feelings we are experiencing, and perhaps reluctant to share our ongoing distress with our family and friends, our emotional and mental turmoil is held inside, further intensifying the problems. Usually even those closest to us, don’t know or fully understand what we are going through.

Knowing how to reconstruct a life that has been devastated by this crisis can be confusing, overwhelming and lonely:

Before breast cancer I thought I was Wonder Woman. Now I am struggling just to be a woman.”

“You can’t share all these problems with your family and friends because they have used all their energy in seeing you through treatment. Now they want you to move on with your life.”

“I was standing at the crossroads. All the rules had changed; my values had changed; my old goals didn’t work any more. Where would I find the energy to move forward with my life?”

Worries about not being there for my children nearly froze me.”

“I was at a point where it was too much for me to go on. I had almost given up on the battle.”

“This weekend [Healing Odyssey] gave me strength and hope.”

“I’m freed of hate and anger about my cancer.”

“Everyone who has experienced cancer will get what they need here”

…a new beginning to my life”

“…brought my sense of self back”

so healing, so life-affirming, so fear-reducing”

“I’ve been numb for so long–this weekend made me come alive”

“I now know that I am very brave”

“A heart-opening amazing growth experience”

“I want everyone to feel this joy I am feeling”

“I now know there IS life after cancer—joyful, glorious life!”

“I laughed and smiled more this weekend than I have in the past six months, since my breast cancer diagnosis. I actually feel happy and healthy and eager to go on with my life.”

“What I treasure the most are the new friends I have made. These women…have become a new support system for me. We really understand each other!”

“Healing Odyssey gave me hope, release of fear, many wonderful new friends and the feeling in my soul that I can make it through anything, even fear of cancer, with joy in my heart. It was the best thing I ever did for myself.”

“Thank you for giving me back my life. Ever since this experience I have felt so at peace with myself.”

“I have been living with cancer since my recurrence two years ago. The Healing Odyssey women have given me strength, hope and love, and made my journey so much more tolerable. … I really don’t think others could ever comprehend the magic that we experience. I will be forever grateful.”

“I don’t know how I would have stayed the course if I had not been rejuvenated by the staff and other women on those unbelievable three days. “

“Those of us who have had a cancer diagnosis live with the possibility of recurrence at any time. The regeneration of optimism and commitment to live life fully is part of what we experience in these retreats.”

“I realized I could choose to be dying of cancer or choose to be living with cancer. Because of Healing Odyssey, I have chosen to live!”