What Grads Are Saying…

At the end of each retreat, Healing Odyssey graduates are asked to write a letter thanking the many donors who help make our retreats possible for them. Below are a few of our Graduates’ letters. 


A Life Well Lived

The following is a story of one of our most beloved graduates, Debbie Nazareth, written by her husband Bryan. Debbie attended our 13th retreat and was at many events after that, including staffing retreats. When she passed, her husband Bryan asked that donations be...

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3 Days Quite Literally Saved My Life

Dear Healing Odyssey Donors: "Since I was 18, more than half my life, I've been dealing with this disease.  And I have done it all--the support groups, the therapy, the peer on peer calls, the symposiums and the conferences, the...

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This Program is Such a Blessing

"How to I ever thank someone for such kindness that allowed me to attend the Healing Odyssey retreat.  I can't begin to tell you how honored I was to be accepted on a scholarship thanks to you. I was pretty much at my lowest low.  Lost my husband to cancer April 10th...

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Be in the Moment

"Healing Odyssey is a well thought-out program and unlike any other program I know of.  They have fine-tuned and really figured out what tools you need to overcome fear, anxiety, crisis and how to put fun back in your life.  One of the best parts is you can't scare...

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