We recently asked a number of our grads to describe the impact that Healing Odyssey made on their cancer journey.  Their answers are compelling and offer clear evidence that that program and activities offered during the Healing Odyssey Retreat weekend are life-changing and long lasting.  Have a look….

We asked “How did Healing Odyssey Impact Your Cancer Recovery?”

“Healing Odyssey gave me the reality that my life is in front on me and nothing is holding me back!”

“I came with broken wings and soared as I left.”

“I learned to trust people and systems, and came home able to handle the roller coaster.”

“I got the tools for life that I still use today.”

“I found out how much I was holding back, and that I am NOT my cancer.”

“I rejiggered my thinking to see the possibility of living with JOY.”

“I had a personal breakthrough where fear and inhibitions went away.”

“After Healing Odyssey, I never thought about cancer again…it took the fear away.”

“Chemotherapy didn’t cure my cancer; Healing Odyssey did!”