Our Commitment to Our Donors

The Healing Odyssey Board of Directors and staff are conscientious stewards of funds to ensure that the maximum amount of each dollar donated is dedicated to supporting program costs.

We budget 80% or more of our funds each year for developing and delivering programs for cancer survivors and their families.

We are grateful to all our donors. Many have attended Healing Odyssey retreats and special events and are repeat donors. We recognize these strong partnerships on our website and also cross promote donors where it makes sense.

We have many letters of appreciation to our donors that we feature on our website and also provide copies so that they may see the immediate impact of their donation. These letters are heartfelt and full of gratitude for as many have called it, a life changing opportunity!

Thank you all for your continued support and commitment to helping women cancer survivors. Our commitment to you, our donors,  is to continue  to be good stewards of the funds we are entrusted with and make excellent use of  each dollar donated.

Why Donate

We charge a $250 registration fee per participant to attend the retreat. It costs us much more than that, however,  we do not turn anyone away that cannot afford the registration fee.  Your donation will help us continue to reach more women who are in need. We depend on the generous support of donors who are passionate about helping others. We are grateful to have a great group of donors and supporters who graciously help us continue our mission of empowering women cancer survivors to live their best life possible. It is a tax deductible donation as well.

Healing Odyssey cancer support for women
Cancer Retreat Program for Women Cancer Survivors

The next Healing Odyssey Retreat is HO 61 Sept 6-8, 2024. Click below to sign up now!

Support Our Programs

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