About Healing Odyssey

Environment, education, movement and support–tools for cancer survivors: Healing Odyssey goes beyond the traditional cancer support group to optimize quality of life and boost recovery from a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Healing Odyssey reaches out to people with all forms of cancer and provides its cancer support and recovery programs regardless of ability to pay.

Healing Odyssey is a 501©(3) corporation (Tax ID 35-2533287) whose mission is “to empower cancer survivors to be strong, hopeful and courageous through innovative education and support programs”.

“Research proves that effective coping strategies are essential in determining the quality of life for cancer survivors, yet few programs exist to address this essential phase of cancer recovery.”

Nancy Raymon, co-Founder, Healing Odyssey

Healing Odyssey cancer support for women
Cancer Retreat Program for Women Cancer Survivors

The next Healing Odyssey Retreat is HO 61 Sept 6-8, 2024. Click below to sign up now!

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