Cancer, in whatever form it takes, gives us choices on how we live our lives!  For me, cancer was a wake-up call that life is precious, and it was up to me to decide what I would choose to do.

I had no idea how my life was going to change after attending my Healing Odyssey Retreat #15.  One counselor had said to me ‘your life is going to change’ and she was right.  I was on a natural high for months after my 1st retreat, and I continued on as a counselor at Healing Odyssey for many years.

Healing Odyssey is MAGIC.  Just the name Healing Odyssey allows its participants to imagine all sorts of adventures.  Healing Odyssey was my coming home!  I had found where my passion was!  Healing Odyssey changed my life like I would have never imagined!

The experience allowed me to achieve goals.  My life became centered and my feelings were easy to recognize.  Old wounds were coming to the surface to heal, and the healing was a miracle in itself.  These lessons were a grand concert that was playing in my head, living in my heart and healing my body.  Like a butterfly going through its stages, I was going home, and I was ready to receive the bounties that life had in store for me.

I did not realize that my drive up the mountain to my Healing Odyssey Retreat would have begun the journey of healing that would change my life with such a powerful impact.  At the time I thought I had finished with cancer, but I found out I was at the beginning of my journey…an incredible journey that opened my heart up for love and acceptance

Scars that were scaring me emotionally were now fading into old stories that were part of the passages of my life, and allowing love back into my life in forms I never imagined.  My Healing Odyssey experience was my awakening into a higher level in understanding exactly who I was and how I could make a difference!

Thank you to all of the wonderful donors and special ladies I now have as friends.

God blessed me!

Dayna Marks ~ HO#15 and many more