Healing Odyssey

Empowering women cancer survivors to be strong, hopeful and courageous through innovative and active education and support programs

“Absolutely empowering, healing”    “Made friends for life”   “Loved having support from everyone”    “Going home with a whole new attitude / lease on life”   “Essential for self-realization and healing”   “Learned a lot about myself, increased my independence”   “Great experience to release feelings and get in touch with self”   “Got me in touch with feelings I had buried”   “Confirmed that I have more power than I think I have and reinforced we are all connected”   “I am in a different place than I was before I came here”   “I feel more empowered and stronger. I feel loved”   “Great place to be vulnerable, understood and heard”   “Facing and conquering fear”   “Life changing / healing”    “Can’t believe all the breakthroughs I’ve experienced this weekend”   “Comforting to know that I am not alone with my fears / anger”   “I came back with a new sense of purpose/more at peace with my cancer diagnosis”   “I’m empowered to go back to life with strength & ease, ready for any challenges that come”   “I feel refreshed, connected to a new group and less lonely as I walk along my cancer journey”   “We shared belly laughs and ugly cries”

Our Mission

Healing Odyssey is a 501©(3) nonprofit corporation whose mission is to empower women cancer survivors to be strong, hopeful and courageous through innovative and active education and support programs.

Our active, experiential-learning, 3-day weekend retreat provides women cancer survivors with a roadmap for recovery. In the serene, healing environment of natural California beauty, away from everyday stress, safe among an unconditionally supportive community of fellow survivors and oncology professionals, the women of Healing Odyssey experience a powerful series of interactive workshops and activities totally focused on healing, recovery and moving forward.

About the Retreat

Why Donate?

We charge a $250 registration fee per participant to attend the retreat. It costs us much more than that, however,  we do not turn anyone away that cannot afford the registration fee.  Your donation will help us continue to reach more women who are in need. We depend on the generous support of donors who are passionate about helping others. We are grateful to have a great group of donors and supporters who graciously help us continue our mission of empowering women cancer survivors to live their best life possible. It is a tax deductible donation as well.

Healing Odyssey cancer support for women
Cancer Retreat Program for Women Cancer Survivors

The next Healing Odyssey Retreat is HO 61 Sept 6-8, 2024. Click below to sign up now!

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